SMB Share of Market Growing: IDC
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Industry research company IDC is predicting the share of SMB IT industry revenues will grow from 28per cent in 2004 to 31 per cent by 2008.

The SMB share of industry revenues in the Asia/Pacific region (excluding Japan) will reach US$9.1 billion on PCs and slightly over US$800 million on servers this year. But that figure is expected to grow by another US$2 billion by 2008.
But most of that growth is in developing countries like India and China says Lau Tong-Yen, Senior Analyst, SMB research, IDC Asia/Pacific.

While desktop sales are likely to remain unimpressive locally, the latest from IDC seems to show an increase in server sales (across all countries) and the rise and rise of the notebook.The ongoing research found that in 2003 14 per cent of respondents were using notebooks by the following year this had gone up one per cent.

“Although this growth rate might not look significant, approximately one-third of respondents disclosed their plans to increase this proportion during 2005, with the average increase pegged at 4 per cent,” reveals IDC.
This is leading to a big change in the notebook’s contribution to IT revenues. Worth 29 per cent in 2002 this figure is now 38 per cent and likely to continue growing. One reason for that is the desktop lifespans are longer than notebooks, with a mean difference tagged at eight months, says the researcher.