Fast Transfer And Storage Arrives In Oz
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Buffalo, the leading name in Japanese storage, networking and multimedia solutions, is ramping up its Australian presence off the back of its new ultra fast USB 3.0 hard drive range.

Offering maximum transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabytes per second – an impressive 10 times faster than the current most common USB 2.0 – these next generation desktop and portable hard drives make swift data back-up and fast file sharing a reality. 

USB 3.0 technology is ideal for creative professionals, computer power users and digital content creators who demand quick transfer and storage of high-resolution graphics, digital audio/video, large multimedia files and photos.

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The new DriveStationTM HD-HXU3 combines USB 3.0 performance and the latest hard disc technology to give users the ability to quickly back-up and store important data and other digital assets. Compatible with both PC and Mac, it is available in 1.0 terabyte, 1.5 terabyte and 2.0 terabyte capacities.



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A more portable option is the sleek MinistationTM Lite USB 3.0 – available in 500 gigabyte and 640 gigabyte capacities. With an eco-minded power management tool to regulate power usage and conserve battery consumption, the compact and lightweight unit is the perfect companion for laptops and netbooks.

Buffalo’s range of storage, networking and multimedia products is distributed in Australia by Uniden. According to Uniden’s Senior National Marketing Executive, Brad Hales, Australia’s growing number of digital homes will see Buffalo make significant inroads into the local market over the next year.

“Australians are among the fastest adopters of new technology in the world. As such, we are seeing growing demand for user-friendly solutions that enable people to bring all the fun and convenience of the digital revolution to their home – products which allow them to connect appliances such as televisions, PCs and audio equipment through networks, and share images and video among devices.”

“The promise of the technological evolution was to make life easier, not harder. As Buffalo continues to build its retail channels and introduces its expansive product range, we anticipate that the brand will build very strongly over the next 12 months,” said Hales.