Netgear Launches 270Mbps Network Products
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Netgear has released a new line of networking products compliant with the latest 802.11n standard, allowing network speeds of up to 270Mbps.

The 802.11n standard is considered to offer 15 times the speed and 10 times the coverage of the previous wireless standard, 802.11g.

Netgear’s new range has been dubbed the RangeMax NEXT line and includes the WNR834B wireless router (RRP $299) and the WN511B notebook adapter (RRP $229) for those who want to connect their notebook to the wireless network.

The RangeMax line was launched in response to demand from the marketplace, according to Netgear Asia Pacific vice president, Ian McLean.

“In addition to sheer bandwidth, it is especially critical for applications such as video streaming to have connections that are stable anywhere on the wireless network,” he says.

“RangeMax products deliver the ultra-fast wireless speeds required to simultaneously support multiple bandwidth-intensive applications, high-definition video streaming and other signal-quality-sensitive applications, while providing high-quality connectivity throughout the home or office.”