Google Push The Internet To Its Limits With NBN-Like Rollout
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Google is pushing the limits of what is technologically possible with the rollout of an NBN-like test network in a US city.

Google hasn’t revealed how much money it’s spending on the optical fibre rollout through the two-state Kansas City region, but bypassing locally laid cable and phone companies is no cheap task.

Despite the exorbitant cost, the company is investing in the roll out to test new ways to develop the internet.

According to reports from The Australian, Google will charge $US70 a month for its gigabit internet service, which will hit speeds roughly 100 times faster than a cable modem.

Also available is a TV-like cable service which uses a tablet as a remote. For $US50 a month, subscribers will have access to Nickelodeon, Discovery, Bravo, Starz and Showtime (which may require additional fees.)

A slower 5Mb/s connection will be available to households at no monthly cost following the $US300 installation fee. Google vows to offer the service for seven years.

Currently the service is being rolled out in Kansas City in the US Midwest, but Google plans on hooking up households in neighbourhoods with sufficient demand.

Considering the speed on offer, Google’s test-bed isn’t that expensive. Another Gigabit network located in Chattanooga, Tennesse sells a similar service for $US350 a month.