Planking, iPhone 5, Steve Jobs: 2011 Most Googled
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Aussies are looking for love. And Amy Winehouse, Adele, planking and an (as yet) unreleased iPhone 5. The video game Minecraft, the British Royal Wedding and the Rugby World Cup were also among the hot searches on Google this year.

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The third most popular search in Oz was, in fact, Google.

Love topped the ‘what is?’ list, suggesting we are a bit confused by the phenomena (or possibly just amused by the answer), along with planking, energy and depression also baffling us.

“We’re either a very romantic or a very jaded bunch,” declared Google spokesperson, Mr Johnny Luu, referring to political topics like the Arab Apring and Libyan uprisings (No .2) being surpassed by Apple’s iPhone 5 (No. 1) on the ‘most searched’ lists.

And of course, Australian’s are still “obsessed” by social networks Facebook and Twitter, says Luu.

“What the top overall search list shows is Australians are as obsessed with social networking as ever, with Facebook and YouTube being the top overall searches.”

Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges was the only Aussie to make the top 10 fastest rising searches on people. 

Steve Jobs and British singer Amy Winehouse also were among the most searched for celeb deaths in the past year outdoing the demise of Osama Bin Laden by miles.

People often run to Google to check on a rumoured celeb death, with Jackie Chan and Hugh Hefner topping the list despite being still very much in the land of the living.

And with the soaring popularity of cooking shows like MasterChef, recipes for macaroons, red velvet cupcakes and pork belly most searched for foods of the 2011.


“The year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer showing us what quickened our national heartbeat and drove our curiosity,” Luu added.

Byron Bay, Hamilton Island, Blue Mountains were among the top travel spots that Australians searched for this year.