Sanyo Aims At Educators
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Sanyo has launched a space-saving Ultra Short Focus widescreen WXGA projector aimed at class rooms, lecture theatres and conference rooms.

The PLC-WL2500 Ultra Short Focus projector gives bright, dynamic widescreen projection in small to medium class rooms, lecture theatres and conference rooms, and  projects full 80 inch (diagonally) images from a distance of only 86 centimetres, allowing for large, crisp images in relatively small rooms.

The innovative design allows users to mount the PLC-WL2500 projector on a ceiling directly above the board reducing shadows and ensuring the presenter is not blinded by the light path – a common issue in classrooms and conference rooms.

The PCL-WL2500 features an impressive widescreen WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which enables a 16:10 aspect ratio. It complements laptops and computers that use a W-XGA format. Additionally, an HDMI terminal ensures the projector is compatible with an expanding number of devices including portable video cameras, Blu-ray Disc players, HD DVD players and laptops.

A 10W loudspeaker is built into the body, and eliminates the extra cost and hassle of external loudspeakers, while high-brightness projection ensures crystal clear images making it easy to create memorable presentations, even in naturally light rooms.

The projector also features advanced technology enabling it to maintain and extend the life of the projector. With a lamp that has an extended lifespan, and a filter that does not need to be replaced until after approsimately 4000 hours of use, the projector reduces is also eco-friendly.

The PLC-WL2500 can also be conveniently controlled and maintained via a company network or via the internet using the wired LAN terminal. Once installed, users can receive email notifications of errors like a failed lamp or interrupted picture signal ensuring no time is wasted on fixing technical errors.

Sanyo says it is also quiet and discreet, emitting only 29 dB of operational sound (in eco mode). Additionally, the PLC-WL2500 is easily controlled via a remote control -and its cables can be stored inside a terminal cover.