Compact Media Player Offers Wireless Downloads
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A new credit-card sized digital media player from Creative Technologies is not only available in 16 and 32-GB configurations, but also offers wireless technology for downloading and streaming music and videos.

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The Zen X-Fi digital media player uses the manufacturer’s X-Fi improves digital audio sound by restoring the high and lows lost during file compression back to crystal clear clarity.

The Zen X-Fi 16GB and 32GB models feature wireless technology, for downloading and streaming music and videos wirelessly from a PC to the player instantly within a home network. There is also an 8GB model, but it is not wireless. The Zen chat function means users can keep in touch with friends and family at free Wi-Fi hotspots through Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger.

With a 2.5-inch-high resolution colour LCD screen, users can watch movies in precision, and the included EP-830 earphones offer excellent noise-isolation capabilities and minimise sound loss.

Sharing audio is easy with a built-in speaker in the Zen X-Fi, so family and friends can enjoy music and movies without the need for a separate speaker system.

Other features of the unit include an integrated 32 station FM radio, SD card slot, a battery life of up to 36 hours audio and 5 hours video playtime, voice recording functions, and a personal organiser for the ultimate all-in-one entertainment solution.

Zen X-Fi 8GB (no Wi-Fi) – $249.95
Zen X-Fi 16GB (with Wi-Fi) – $329.95
Zen X-Fi 32GB (with Wi-Fi) – $399.95